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Cornell Electric Vehicles

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Cornell Electric Vehicles

Cornell Electric Vehicles is the foremost project team at Cornell University dedicated to building autonomous, hyper-efficient electric cars. Our deeply knowledgeable interdisciplinary organization operates at the pace of a startup and has repeatedly produced industry-grade vehicles. Having placed highly at Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, we are a respected team operating at the limits of emergent technologies. Endeavoring to integrate level 2 autonomy, enabling advanced driver assistance in our road-ready vehicles, into our vehicles reflects our determination to continue forging at the leading edge of innovation.


By mid-2024, we endeavor to achieve Level 2 autonomy with multiple demo targets in-between, starting with testing our autonomous brake system by the end of 2023. Our interdisciplinary team has had the opportunity to work across subteams, from mechanical autonomy working to retrofit previous vehicles with our autonomous braking system to the Electrical and Data Apps & Analysis teams working to integrate our Data Aquisition system into readable dashboards.


Any support you can provide goes a long way in aiding our team to design, manufacture, and integrate new technologies that fuel our vehicles. A donation to Cornell Electric Vehicles is a contribution to the future of clean, efficient transportation, and the learning of our hardworking team members. Thank you for your generous support!

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Your gift helps us to buys small, but vital components!


Machining stock

We need stock to machine our custom designed parts, thank you!


Circuit Board

Help us fund the custom wired electric components of the car that integrate the work of both our software and mechanical teams!



Buy our members new tools and increase the efficiency of both our manufacturing process and our car!



A key aspect of autonomous braking and the localization we have been working on is our sensors. With your donation, we can give our car eyes and ears!


Send a CEV Member to Comp!

With your generous donation, we can send one more skilled team member to the Shell-Eco Marathon!


Chassis Mold

The Chassis of our car requires a very precise carbon-fiber molding process. With your help, our car can be easily materialized!



With this generous donation, we will consider you or your company one of our most vital sponsors. This gives you access to our team members, design and manufacturing process, and regular team updates!