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Support the Cornell Lunatic: Walk to End Walkathons

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Support the Cornell Lunatic: Walk to End Walkathons

Our goal?

Besides ending walkathons?

To raise $10,000 for the Cornell Lunatic Gift Fund. From 200 or more donors.


Because there are now more than 470 alumni and 8.3 million friends of the Cornell Lunatic.

And it’s time we did something incredible to support the magazine we love so dearly—because University policy prevents the Cornell Student Activities Funding Commission from giving more than $2,500 per semester to any campus publication.

The staff now distributes copies of the Lunatic for free. Selling the magazine on campus has become impossible. Even the Cornell Daily Sun is given away for free.

So the Lunatic staff struggles to come up with the money to pay the printer.

Despite these challenges the Cornell Lunatic continues to belittle pomposity, undress hypocrisy, question authority, encourage unadulterated creativity, and poke its little grubby fingers into the rheumy eyes of the Cornell administration. And yes, it’s still funny, clever, quirky, witty, and a whole bunch of other adjectives.

Last year's editor-in-chief, Dana Fader ’17, attracted fresh, new talent and a wide variety of eclectic voices, bringing the magazine back to its former glory as a 48-page full-color glossy magazine. And the Lunatic's new editor-in-chief Grant Gonyer ’18 needs our help to continue improving the magazine.

Check out the most recent issue of the Lunatic at

Ten years ago, we set up the Cornell Lunatic Gift Fund through the Cornell Fund (which disburses the money with oversight from Cornell Lunatic alumni). The Cornell Fund keeps the accounting transparent, so the Cornell Lunatic Alumni Association always knows how much money has been raised and how much money has been disbursed to the Lunatic and for what purpose.

That relationship has been working beautifully, which means your gift to the Lunatic is tax-deductible (and spent wisely). And your employer can match your donation—if your company does that sort of thing.

Imagine what the Lunatic can do with serious moolah and experienced guidance from Lunatic alumni. Now stop daydreaming and . . . 

Give the Gift of Lunacy.

ABOVE: The current Cornell Lunatic editors and staff, hard at work in Willard Straight Hall.

Support the magazine that once played an alarmingly large part in your formative years.

Your gift will help expand the Cornell Lunatic’s campus presence, support the most creative outlet for students at Cornell, ensure the longevity of Cornell’s only award-winning humor magazine, and help prevent Cornell administrators, faculty members, and students from taking themselves too seriously.

It’s that easy to end walkathons. One step at a time.      

Choose a giving level



Covers the cost of printing 7 copies of one 48-page issue of the Cornell Lunatic.



Cover the cost of printing 15 copies of one 48-page issue of the Lunatic.



Covers the cost of hosting the Cornell Lunatic website for one year.



Covers the cost of printing 75 copies of one 48-page issue of the Cornell Lunatic.



Funds the publication of the Lunatic's Freshman Orientation issue, a 16-page newspaper distributed free at the start of the fall semester to promote the Lunatic and recruit new staff members.



Covers the cost of printing 300 copies of one 48-page issue of the Cornell Lunatic.



Covers the cost of printing 750 copies of one 48-page issue of the Cornell Lunatic.



Cover the cost of printing 1,000 copies of one 56-page issue of the Cornell Lunatic.



Covers the cost of printing 2,000 copies of one 72-page issue of the Cornell Lunatic.



Builds a palace surrounded by a moat for the Lunatic in the middle of the Arts Quad and named after you.



Funds the launching of the Cornell Lunatic's first manned-mission to Jupiter to spread humor throughout the galaxy.


Certified Lunatic

Pays off the national deficit and gets your photograph on the cover of the next issue of the Lunatic as "Person of the Century" and a fifty-foot tall statue of you erected on Ho Plaza.