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PRYDE Scholars

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PRYDE Scholars

Why do we need your support?

Your donations will allow us to select a new cohort of  PRYDE Scholars and support an enhanced translational research experience. PRYDE Scholars receive a stipend each semester and during the summer as they work on projects with their 4-H partners across New York state. We need your donations to help provide seed money to facilitate the implementation of their youth development projects, so that Scholars can put their ideas into practice. Also, your donations will allow Scholars to travel to conferences to present their findings, so that other researchers and practitioners can learn from their experiences.

The PRYDE Scholars program was established in 2016 as a way to involve undergraduates in the Program for Research on Youth Development and Engagement (PRYDE). This program began thanks to a generous gift from Rebecca Q. Morgan, College of Human Ecology ’60 Alum. PRYDE works in partnership with the 4-H Youth Development organization to improve the lives of today’s youth. PRYDE Scholars are an essential part of this mission.


The PRYDE Scholars Program is the only formal training platform at Cornell that places undergraduates within active faculty research laboratories while also connecting them with translational research opportunities with youth in 4-H. When we say "translational research," we mean that Scholars are finding ways to transform research knowledge into practical tools and programs that address real needs of youth in our community. We need your help to keep our program going!

“I love being able to use what I learned to help others in need. This project is truly a unique but very fulfilling part of my Cornell education!”    

- Vanessa Chicas, PRYDE Scholar ‘18

Who are the PRYDE Scholars?

Each spring, 7 rising juniors in the College of Human Ecology are selected to be PRYDE Scholars who participate in specialized courses and hands-on research. PRYDE Scholars come from majors all across the CHE (e.g, Nutrition Sciences; Human Development; Human Biology, Health and Society; Global and Public Health Sciences; and Policy Analysis and Management). Over the course of four semesters, Scholars learn about translational research, interface with both Cornell faculty and 4-H practitioners, and develop the skills to move fluently between research and practice. Although opportunities to participate in youth research are available to students volunteering in faculty laboratories across the university, many of these experiences offer few chances to develop expertise in translational research, specifically. Yet, because PRYDE is strongly partnered with the New York statewide 4-H program, every PRYDE Scholar is able to build and carry-out scientifically sound research projects alongside practitioners who can help implement these projects with youth. Our first cohort of Scholars has already graduated, and its members are now building their careers in education, public health, medicine, and public policy.

Examples of PRYDE Scholars' projects:

  • Scholars have collected data with youth in 4-H Summer Camps, actually living onsite to run programs and collect data from girls navigating the transition to adolescence.
  • Scholars have designed and pilot tested a Smartphone App that enables youth to write about their sense of purpose in life in a virtual format. 
  • Scholars have built a dynamic evaluation tool to help 4-H educators determine whether their Afterschool Programs are having the predicted benefits for youth. Program leaders are currently using this Scholar-created tool!

Please donate to help us keep this exciting learning opportunity available to students at Cornell CHE. And know that you're helping the PRYDE Scholars make sure that the innovative research happening at Cornell is put into direct use to benefit young people around the state of New York!

“We learned to communicate across sectors and audiences, we connected with mentors both in the university and across the larger New York State community, and we collaborated on a group project that had a true purpose.”    

- Saige Connor, PRYDE Scholar ‘18

To learn more about the experiences of Scholars in their own words, and the impressions they leave on those working with them, please visit PRYDE’s blog:

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Your donation will help cover the costs of Scholars' preparing research materials to learn from youth in 4-H.


PRYDE Collaborator

Your donation will allow PRYDE Scholars to provide thank you gifts to 5 children who participate in their research project.


PRYDE Partner

Your donation will cover the expense of PRYDE Scholars' use of media and technology platforms to build reserach-based programs for youth.


PRYDE Research Translator

Your donation will support the cost of PRYDE Scholars traveling around NY state to meet with 4-H youth and youth educators in person.


PRYDE Innovator

Your donation will cover the costs of a focus group session so that PRYDE Scholars can learn from practitioner's experiences.


PRYDE Trailblazer

Your donation will go towards one PRYDE Scholar's stipend to allow them to focus their effort during the semester on translational research.


PRYDE Visionary

Your donation will fund one PRYDE scholar's travel to an academic or practitioner conference to share their research findings.