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Dilmun Hill Barn Project

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Dilmun Hill Barn Project


Students and faculty from across all departments have united under the Dilmun Hill Barn Project to design a new barn for Dilmun Hill, Cornell's student-run organic farm.

In the spring of 2017, the Dilmun Hill Barn Project was started by a small group of undergraduate students from across the Colleges of Engineering, Architecture, Art and Planning, Human Ecology, and Agriculture and Life Sciences. Since its inception, our team has expanded to include masters students, a strong network of faculty advisors, and received official endorsement from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Together, we plan to leverage the human resources and partnerships available at Cornell University to design and build a new barn structure at Dilmun Hill, Cornell's student-run organic farm. The Dilmun Hill Barn Project aims to produce a form which is at once a progressive, academic, pragmatic, and didactic tool within the context of our university.

This will be the first student-designed building on campus. The new barn will implement innovative and ecological design and technology to serve as a model for sustainable agricultural infrastructure. Our new barn will include educational spaces for labs and workshops, vegetable processing facilities, and equipment storage. 

Whether or not you have history with Dilmun Hill, donating to the Barn Project means that you become part of the Dilmun Hill community. Integral to Dilmun Hill’s identity is our open door policy; all visitors are welcome to the farm every day of the year, at any time of day. As a donor, you will be able to see and share the structure that your contribution goes towards, whether you come to the farm announced or unannounced, anytime that you find yourself on campus.



Sustainability achieved through design that is considerate of context.

The Dilmun Hill community worked together to develop a list programmatic requirements for our new space. The primary mission of the farm is educational, so particular focus was given to establishing a comfortable space for workshops and demonstrations.


In addition to teaching space that will facilitate educational programming at Dilmun, we also recognize that the farm needs a fully functional vegetable processing area to keep up with its growth in production. This growth has allowed Dilmun to engage with various organizations on campus, and begets an office space for the managers to further communication outside the farm. Greater room for vegetable storage is also quickly becoming a requirement.

Ultimately, the barn will be a 2,000 square foot structure. The new barn will provide storage for hand tools, machines, and other equipment, and also space for workshops, instructional labs, and vegetable processing for Dilmun’s 40 share CSA.



Dilmun Hill is Cornell University’s student-run organic farm.

Since it's founding in 1994, Dilmun Hill has grown to become a productive farm and a vibrant educational and research space for students and faculty.


Dilmun Hill’s transformation has been facilitated by the hard work and dedication of its summer farm managers, steering committee, and faculty advisors. Dilmun Hill sees over 1,000 visitors each year, and is host to a number of classes and instructional laboratories within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


We have grown to support a 40 share CSA each summer and fall, offered at a sliding scale price in accordance with our mission to promote food accessibility. 

Our journey towards becoming an integral part of a sustainable Cornell food system has been an exciting and challenging one, and a new barn is the next step. Please help us reach our goal! 



Help us break ground this summer!

The new barn will be constructed in phases, as we raise money to meet our fundraising goals. Ultimately, we hope to reach $150,000 for the project, which will allow us to create a space to support the growth of Dilmun Hill into the future. 


Phase I: Machine Storage 

Thanks to a generous alumni donation, we have secured funding for Phase I! This spring we will be constructing a 900 square foot enclosed structure that will provide storage for hand tools, machines, and other equipment.

Phase II: Roofline Completion


Another generous alumni gift has guaranteed funding for Phases II and III! In Phase II, the full roofline will be completed, adding an additional 1,100 square feet to the structure. We will also pour a cement pad underneath the completed roofline, which will allow the space to be used for workshops, instructional labs, and vegetable processing for our 40 share CSA.


Phase III: Climate Control

With funding secured for Phase III, we will be able to enclose and insulate 96 square feet for vegetable storage. This space will ultimately be refrigerated after power is installed in Phase IV. An additional 96 square feet of space will be enclosed to serve as an organizational area for the student summer farm managers. We will also install an ADA compliant bathroom with a composting toilet.

Phase IV: Passive Systems

The final phase of the project will implement solar power to meet the energy needs of the barn, in addition to the installation of a student-designed rainwater collection system to capture runoff from the roof.



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Thank you for your support!





Choose a giving level


Friend of the Farm

Contribute a piece of natural wood siding for the barn


Sponsor of Shelter

Provide one 30 ft2 sheet of weather and corrosion-resistant roofing


Sponsor of Structure

Provide a heavy-duty, natural wood timber to support the roof


Sponsor of Foundation

Fund the construction of 9 ft2 of durable concrete flooring


Patron of Light

Contribute a large, operable window for summer ventilation (insulated for cold weather protection)


Patron of Distinction

Support student-designed, custom-built interior furniture for vegetable processing and storage


Patron of Virtue

Provide a handmade, natural wood barn door with stainless steel hardware


Champion of Dilmun Hill Farm

Fund the structural framing necessary to bring one of four facades to fruition