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Greater Educational Opportunities in Rural Honduras

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Greater Educational Opportunities in Rural Honduras


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About Us

Mayor Potencial strives to improve learning and living conditions in Latin American communities, starting with El Rodeito, Honduras because that is the hometown of Founder, Nancy Bell. Our team of dedicated students, professors, and other professionals have been working on numerous projects over the last 2 years to improve access to education in this area. Mayor Potencial's current focus is high school development because while there is one elementary school in the area, the closest high school is miles away. Without transportation, students walk hours in order to get to and from school. Because this is not feasible, we hope to build a local school for students to attend 7th – 12th grade. This large scale project requires roughly $150,000. We hope to raise the first $30,000 with this campaign. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the development of the high school.

Rendered view of renovated high school classroom interior, locally crafted luffa drop ceiling for passive cooling and larger desks.


Global Education

Mayor Potencial supports global education by providing a unique opportunity for students from all fields to meet and collaborate with each other on a life-changing project. Our design team of educators and architects have recently completed the education and design plans for the high school. In January 2016, a select group of students from various organizations will travel to El Rodeito to kick-start the construction of the school. We are currently working to engage individuals and organizations throughout the United States, as well. 

With the help of MP, students in the U.S. have worked together to develop their skills and strengths. They are applying what they have learned in classes to make a difference across the world. MP's exchange trips have taught students cultural competency and post-trip, many have pledged to contribute to humanity throughout the United States. Refer to the testimonials below.

Rendered view of new bathrooms, new kitchen and classroom for high school.


Project Summary

PHASE 1: Crowdfunding Campaign – High School Foundation + Two Classrooms

When: NOW! November 12th, 2015 - January 2nd, 2016

How: Raise $30,000

ON-GOING PHASE: Donations with Name Recognition

Email for more information

*   $2,500         Name the Community Garden

*   $5,000         Plaques around the School (i.e. sitting benches or stepping stones)

*   $7,500         Name the Soccer Field

*   $10,000       Name a Classroom (x 6 = $60,000)

*   $15,000       Name the School Cafeteria

*   $50,000       Name the High School


PHASE 2: Second Campaign – Remaining School Classrooms

PHASE 3: Third Campaign – School Kitchen and Cafeteria

~ Note: The complete project will cost ~$150,000


Rendered view of renovated director's office and new classroom for high school.



El Rodeito is geographically very large and spread out, but at its core beats the heart of a strong, tightly knit, and supportive community. I was blown away by the amount of people that showed up at the good bye ceremony. I truly believe that with the right resources from Nancy and Mayor Potencial, a high school and school meal plan could thrive in this community. The solidarity is definitely already there. All they need is a catalyst.” – Shanice McKenzie, ‘15

Everyone in El Rodeito worked together to better the community. It was great to see and that is something I want to take back to my community…Supporting one another not just because we’re friends but because we are in the same place striving for the same goal to better ourselves and to grow stronger.” – Zena Kolliesuah, ‘15


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                    Please remember that ANY Donation will make a big difference.

Choose a giving level


Protect Workers and Volunteers

A gift of $10 will pay for visors/caps that will protect workers and volunteers from the sun while they work.


Feed Workers and Volunteers

A gift of $20 will provide a days worth of snacks and beverages for workers and volunteers.


Plants and Flowers

A gift of $25 will pay for bushes and flowers that will be planted around the school.


Paint and Primer

A gift of $50 will paint one of the walls of one classroom.


Doors and Windows

A gift of $250 will be enough to purchase either a door or window.



A gift of $500 will make it possible to install electricity for one classroom.



A gift of $750 will cover flooring for one classroom.



A gift of $1500 will build a roof for one classroom and includes the labor.


Construction Labor

A gift of $2500 will help to pay construction workers.