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Formula SAE

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Formula SAE

Cornell Racing is a team of more than 50 students who design, manufacture, and compete a Formula 1 style racecar every year from the ground up.  Combining disciplines from around Cornell University, Cornell Racing boasts over 15 majors from almost every school on campus.  This massive project involves not only the finest engineering to build the fastest racecar on the track, but also the most active business and interpersonal skills required to run a team supported by personal and corporate sponsors.

Cornell Racing is one of the premier project teams on campus with 9 world championship titles and is rearing for its 10th. With your support, Cornell Racing will be able to get a leg up on the competition as they continue their return to the podium this coming year.  With a number of components, essential to the success of the team wearing down this past year, your help is needed more than ever to propel Cornell Racing to the #1 spot and bring the title of World Champion back to Cornell University where it belongs.

We here at Cornell Racing can not imagine our undergraduate careers without the skills and knowledge gained from this project and hope that you can help that feeling of success and determination prosper with your donation.

From all of us here at Cornell Racing:


Choose a giving level


Sunday Driver

You could be the next Michael Schumacher, if only you had the a little more practice. Your donation of $25 could help us replace our old, broken tools to make sure we always have the means to repair our car.


Junior Karting Champion

As a Formula 1 hopeful, your donation of $50 will help us get the new driving gear needed to keep our own "karting champions" on the top of their game. From nomex gloves, to crash tested helmets, driver training will be made exhilarating, but safe!


Senior Karting Champion

You are ready to step up to the task and turn your power valve up to 11 on your senior series kart. Your donation of $100 will accelerate our teams productivity faster than your kart can reach 60mph by funding improved tool organization for the lab space, reducing the clutter and speeding up repairs to get us back out on the track ASAP.


Formula Ford Contender

You strive for the best and Formula Ford Racing is your next logical step on your way to Formula 1 World champ! Your donation of $250 will ensure that Cornell Racing's carbon fiber components are the most expertly manufactured in the race by helping the team fund essential tooling and materials required for our extensive composite manufacturing.


Formula 3 Champion

You are ready to race right into the European league and crush the competition. Formula 3 has opened up your eyes to the addition of aerodynamic packages and their benefit in the corners. Your donation of $500 will support our innovative, fifth-generation aero package capable of taking ARG18 to cornering forces never seen before.


World Rally Champion

You like to live life dangerously on the dirt, but donate responsibly in your finances. As World Rally Champion you will be supporting the manufacture of critical chassis components such as our differential and suspension dampers necessary to maintain maximum grip at all times and absolutely rip through the tight corners!


F1 World Champion

You have done it! You have joined Cornell Racing at the top of the podium! #1 feels so good! Your donation of $2500 dollars helps us fund the powerhouse of ARG18 in the purchase of an entire engine and necessary components. Pushing our engines to the limits has earned us stardom, and with your donation, we can afford to squeeze every last bit of power from our powertrain.