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CU Solar Boat

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CU Solar Boat

Who We Are


We are CU Solar Boatan engineering project team of undergraduates of all ages and majors that come together to compete in the annual intercollegiate Solar Splash Competition. Our ultimate goal is to design and build a 14-foot, single occupant, purely solar-powered speed boat. Founded in 2015, we are one of Cornell’s newest project teams. In that short time, we placed 8th overall and won Rookie of the Year as well as Outstanding Solar System Design in our debut at Solar Splash 2019. Each year, we come together to design, test, and build a new solar-powered boat with new improvements in hopes of improving our results at the competition. We aim to prove the effective utility of renewable energy: pushing our capabilities, optimize our objective.




This Year’s Competition


Solar Splash is back for 2021! This year, our team will head to Springfield, Ohio where our design will undergo a series of technical evaluations before heading to the open water for a series of competitive events against the other teams.  Despite being a newer team, we work to provide our members with practical engineering experience, a professional and cooperative team environment, and a unique educational experience on modern engineering problems. By learning from our experience in 2019, we look to come back strong and build upon our knowledge in order to build a more efficient model for competition. Every year we learn from our previous designs/results and aim to build a better boat and be an even better team. 




We like to entertain the big picture here in CUSB. Your donation matters as our team is fully self-sustaining and relies on the most abundant energy source in our solar system: OUR SUN. Yes yes, we understand that this is known but with climate change becoming an ever-growing concern of our planet we believe that it is a matter of time before our planet can no longer afford a dependency on fossil fuels. At this future moment, there will be a demand of unimaginable proportions for sustainable energy engineers. At CUSB, we want to be at the forefront of this and become leaders of this powercurve growing industry. Supporting CUSB not only supports the ongoing engineering education of its members but also the future of sustainability and clean energy. 


We are hopeful that this campaign will support the next generation of CUSB engineers and give them the exposure that is so remarkably underappreciated. Donations support our travel, manufacturing, and future success. These funds help members develop engineering software through extensive experience in Ansys, AutoCAD, and Solidworks. Our members have also been introduced to Arduinos and raspberry pi applications, machine shop tools, and most important: soldering monocrystalline solar cells.


With your donation, you will bring us one step closer to our goal: not only in this competition, but towards a sustainable future in clean energy.




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Learn the ropes

Your gift will keep our team fueled by covering the cost of lunch for one member as we race the boat at competition. A well-fed team is a well-performing team!


Keep an even keel

Your contribution will help us acquire some of the necessary tools to make our design for the boat into a reality. Before we can hit the water, we have to hit the shop!


Forge ahead

Your donation will provide us with the opportunity to race our boat at the Solar Splash competition in June by taking care of the registration fee. Help us share our work with the world beyond Cayuga Lake!


Rock the boat

Your funds will help us safely transport our boat all the way from Ithaca to sunny Springfield, Ohio for the competition. We’ll make the boat, and you can help us get it where it needs to be!


All hands on deck

Your support will help us purchase the state-of-the-art solar panels needed for our boat’s sustainable design. After all, solar is our middle name! As a thank you, your name/ a name of your choice will be added onto our merch and vessel!


Anchors aweigh!

Your assistance will allow us to execute one of the core pieces of our design — the foam that sits within the hull to keep the boat buoyant. Your contribution would, quite literally, float our boat! As a thank you, we will gladly put a visible logo and a name of your choice on our vessel!


Aye aye, captain!

Your backing will grant us the resources we need to assemble the intricate drivetrain and steering system that keeps our boat moving forward — and in the right direction. Will you help us sail off into the sunset? In honor of your generosity, we would love to show our gratitude by showcasing your name or logo on our boat, offering you an encapsulated CUSB solar cell, and giving you the final say on our boat's name!