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Cornell Alpha: A Milestone in Space Exploration

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We did it!!!!!!!!!!!

December 09, 2020

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! 


From the top, middle, and bottom of our hearts, we'd like to thank every single person who helped make this dream a reality. 


Stay tuned for progress updates in the coming weeks and months! 


Ad Astra, 


The Alpha Team 

Almost there!

November 21, 2020

We are beyond overjoyed to have received such support over the last couple of weeks and to be so close to achieving our goal! 


Thank you for your donations. Thank you for your many words of encouragement. Thank you for flying with us. 


Please continue to spread our message. 


Ad Astra! 


-The Alpha Team 

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Current Sensor

Your donation will monitor power input into our CubeSat, allowing us to determine how much solar power we're getting and help the spacecraft know when to switch between active and sleep modes.


Magnetorquer Drivers

Your donation will allow our spacecraft to detumble and orient with Earth's magnetic field using a novel attitude control system.


Solar Charger

Your donation will power our spacecraft, connecting our solar panels to our batteries.


Flight Computer

Your donation will control the entire spacecraft, from sensors to communications to attitude control to light sail deployment!


Iridium Radio Antenna

Your donation will allow our spacecraft to receive and transmit messages.


Spacecraft Batteries

Your donation will keep our spacecraft alive, warm and toasty, when unlit by the sun for 45 minutes at a time, half an orbit.


Teflon-Insulated Wiring

Your donation will supply NASA standard space-rated wires to connect all our CubeSat components.


Chipsat Production

Your donation will support the production of Cornell's world renowned spacecraft-on-a-chip flight computers for a novel application aboard our light sail.


Communications Modules

Your donation will allow us to bypass the need for a traditional ground station by going through the Iridium network. We will be able to talk to our spacecraft from anywhere in the world using only a web interface!


Vibration Testing

Your donation will allow us to prove that we are flight ready and able to withstand the immense stresses of a rocket launch.


Circuit Boards & Solar Panels

Your donation will provide the heart and lifeblood of the spacecraft.


CubeSat Structure

Made from space-grade Accura Bluestone, this high-strength 3D printed material enables a customizable structure capable of surviving the drastic temperature ranges of low Earth orbit. Machined and anodized 6061 grade aluminum CubeSat rails will allow for a smooth interface with and ejection from the ISS CubeSat Deployer.