Johnson Residential Class of 2019

  $17,679 from 350 donations! ​ What difference can one day make?

Johnson Residential Class of 2019

Give Today!  

Making your gift today is imperative to meeting our Class Goal of 681 gifts this Giving Day! Your support in Johnson's Annual Fund is a vote of support for the community we have all had the privilege to be a part of and will continue in as alumni.



Why Give?  Three reasons:

1) School Pride: Simply put, a gift is a vote of support for Johnson and the greater Cornell community.  Your gift of any amount will drive improvements in facilities, programming, curriculum, and relationship building to make Johnson even better.



2) Class Legacy: Help ensure 2019 has a lasting legacy as an engaged and tight-knit class.  Achieving a 100% participation rate solidifies our standing as new alumni.



3) Increase Cornell Johnson Brand Value: Alumni giving is a key metric by which schools are evaluated for funding and recruiting relationships.  Participating in the 2019 Class Giving Campaign drives overall participation levels and supports Johnson leadership to obtain capital giving and support.