Tsinghua Cornell MBA - 2019

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Tsinghua Cornell MBA - 2019

The Class of 2019 Campaign is now Open!


The Tsinghua Cornell Class 2019 Campaign is a student driven initiative to reach out to all graduating members across the Tsinghua and Cornell program to support the annual fund. Tuition fees cover less than 75% of the MBA program’s operating budget. This difference is filled by the generous alumni community to help our amazing program continue to advance. Every gift counts as the first step in our lifetime commitment to growing our legacy, each of us makes a meaningful difference through our continued participation. 


By giving back, your contribution will go towards ensuring that the future students enjoy the same advantages that you enjoyed during your time at Cornell and Tsinghua. Your participation is paramount to bolstering the world class education and research that is happening within these walls. The funds from this campaign go directly towards supporting tuition scholarship, curriculum expansion, and student life initiatives. 


The inaugural class of 2017 and the class of 2018, both achieved 100% class participation and so can we! The signal to the alumni, faculty, staff, and peers that will continue to celebrate our tradition of giving back and the beginning of our legacy. 


Please join your classmates by making a donation, no matter the amount. This class campaign is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for the wonderful time spent at Tsinghua and Cornell. Give today and connect with other generous alumni. Learn about the current flourishing program and help further transform the program to even greater heights!


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